Definitions of wood fuels

 Wood fuels, wood based fuels, wood-derived biofuel

 All types of biofuels originating directly or indirectly from woody biomass  



 Woody biomass 

Biomass from trees, bushes and shrubs

Fuelwood; energy wood

Wood fuel where the original composition of the wood is preserved (Adapted from FAO unified bioenergy terminology (UBET))


Cut and split oven-ready fuelwood used in household wood burning appliances like stoves, fireplaces and central heating systems
(NOTE Firewood usually has a uniform length, typically in the range of 150 mm to 1000 mm.)

 Log wood

Cut fuelwood in which most of the material has a length of 200 mm and above

 Wood chips

Chipped woody biomass in the form of pieces with a defined particle size produced by mechanical treatment with sharp tools such as knives.
(NOTE 1 Wood chips have a subrectangular shape with a typical length 5 mm to 50 mm and a low thickness compared to other dimensions.)

 Green chips

Wood chips made of fresh logging and thinning residues, including branches and tops

 Whole-tree chips

Wood chips made of whole trees.
(EXAMPLE Wood chips containing stems with bark, branches, needles/leaves.)



Wood pellet

Densified biofuel made from pulverised woody biomass with or without additives usually with a cylindrical form, random length and typically 5 to 40 mm, with broken ends.

 Wood briquette

densified biofuel made with or without additives in the form of cubiform or cylindrical units, produced by compressing pulverised biomass.

 Quality assurance

Part of quality management, focused on providing confidence that the quality requirements will be fulfilled (Adapted from EN ISO 9000:2005)

 Quality control

Part of quality management, focused on fulfilling the quality requirements (Adapted from EN ISO 9000:2005)

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