Implementation of wood energy contracting


Energy contracting is a market orientated model for selling heat produced from biomass to one or more users (as local or district heating). It is a new and innovative opportunity for investments with high added value appropriate for forest owners, farmers, and other target groups in rural areas. There is a good potential of selling energy through energy contracting to public infrastructure and industry. This work package aims at encouraging potential investors to implement energy contracting.

Our actions in last 3 years contributed to higher awareness of the energy users regarding the possibility of energy contracting, increased demand on the market and new investments in energy contracting by forest owners and other target groups.

Our goal is to:

  1. help to develop the demand side at the regional level (energy contracting in public and other buildings…) by organizing workshops and study tours.
  2. contribute to balancing the supply and demand sides at the regional level through promotion of good practice examples of energy contracting, promotion material and workshops where suppliers and potential users will meet and discuss.
  3. promote small - regional energy contracting models where economical operations can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure and have different positive socio-economic impacts on rural development (new income on farms, new job creation, energy independence...).

Given that the objective of this activity is to bring together supply and demand to sign biomass supply contracts (energy contracting), our main target groups is this case was: on the one hand, biomass suppliers such as owners of existing BLTC, farmers and farmer cooperatives, forest owners (with already supplying potential), biomass trading companies, and the demand side: local communities, private and public administrations (owners/directors of schools, hospitals and other public buildings with installed biomass boilers or potential to install biomass boilers), policy makers, small and medium enterprises, and also the general public, which could sign contracts for their own home's supply.

Main results and achivements

The energy contracting idea is new in many countries, therefore it was difficult to ensure the implementation of concrete projects, nevertheless partners contributed several (17) concrete projects what can be seen from IEE monitoring tables). Trough organised actions we reached 1.245 targeted persons.


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